Traditional Cuisine of Abruzzo

Products that is worth its weight in gold - a look at the territory of abruzzo, especially in the band not too far from the coast, what immediately jumps the eye is the huge abundance of olive trees, and it is from these that we obtain extra virgin olive oil so excellent to be able to earn prestigious and important awards. Among these there are three oils with protected designation of origin, the mark of quality attributed to food products whose quality characteristics depend in a decisive way by the territory within which they are produced and by the high level of quality of the techniques used. Extra virgin olive oil “Aprutino-Pescarese”, extra virgin olive oil “Colline Teatine” and extra virgin olive oil “Petruziano of the Colline Teramane”. Among the large number of products to be enjoyed in Abruzzo, a place of honor it deserves the spelt of Abbateggio, the lentils of Santo Stefano di Sessanio and Navelli saffron (which bloom between October and November on the plains of the area, it is a show by the unique beauty).

Taste to make slices - As to the richness of the meats and sausages typical of the region of Abruzzo is unmatched with any other area of Italy. The "ventricina" is perhaps the first meat that comes to mind when thinking about the region. The vasto is prepared with meat from the noble pig, and a fat percentage is very low, and comes from the soda of the animal. Totally different, instead, is the residence that has a percentage of fat very high and texture that is more subtle. Absolutely to taste the mortadella of Campotosto, rigorously worked by hand. For a snack or an appetizer full of flavor is to try out the flask of l'aquila. It is produced with meat rather fine pork and the flavor will charm you with its flavor, without being salty, and the aroma of spices that give off the slices. In a platter of local specialties you can not miss at least a small selection of cheeses. Caciocavallo abruzzese, who has an intense aroma, but is sweet and mellow in the mouth. Goat cheese, a cheese typical of the autumnal period, with its typical smell, very persistent in the nose with a slightly spicy taste. The pecorino from abruzzo, characterized by hard crust and ribbed hazel, with spicy flavor and intense aroma.

Pasta and home - made cakes- One of the first dishes most typical of the cuisine of abruzzo are the maccheroni alla chitarra dressed with a sauce of lamb or pork. Their name comes from the instrument used to achieve them, a sort of wooden frame with thin steel wires used to cut the sheets of pasta. Scrippelle are a typical of Teramo. Similar to crepes and can be eaten with chicken broth and cheese in the baked version. A soup that is unusual is called “the virtues”, once served on the day of the first of may and prepared with many ingredients. Without prejudice to the forms local, the recipe provides for the use of seven different types of vegetables, seven fresh vegetables, seven types of pasta and seven of the flesh. Equally rich is the range of desserts originating from the region. Sugared almonds are a specialty of the city of Sulmona. The sise of the nuns are typical especially of Guardiagrele, but are also worth a try is the "mostaccioli" (typical christmas sweets) and the bocconotto, a small cake of shortcrust pastry, stuffed, and whose recipe varies depending on the area in which it is prepared. Also excellent are some of the sweet used to preserve figs. Not less greedy of the pizzelle are known as ferratelle or analogue, which consist of a waffle cooked with an iron hollow from which the typical form similar to that of waffles. The parrozzo, from “rough bread” is the sweet corn once prepared by peasants in the wood-burning ovens.

The meat and the surrounding area - Given the very strong pastoral tradition, the lamb could not be a staple of the cuisine of the abruzzo region. Lamb, sheep, mutton and goat are the meats you love and prepared in the whole region in many different ways. The dish is the most popular and probably most well-known are the arrosticini. It is thin skewers that are cooked on the grill. Another dish of sheep meat is the lamb incaporchiato. Popular are also the pluck of a lamb, the lamb, cheese and eggs and the sheep “to cotturo”, a stew whose recipe includes the use of many spices. Those who prefer meat of a different type, you can always find great quality and taste. The turkey in canzanese style is a christmas dish served with a broth that turns into a tasty jelly, with gold and the cif ciaf, an authentic delicacy with a base of smoked fillet of pork, lombatine and bacon that are fried with spicy peppers. A flat is certainly not lightweight but at the same time among the most tasty of all the regional wines and foods. A prominent place among the meat dishes is the porchetta from abruzzo which is an undisputed delicacy. It consists of a roast prepared with a small pig whole, private entrails and cooked with spices on a spit in a wood oven. Along the adriatic coast is strong, the seafood. Among the many specialities, overlooking the brodetto, a delicious fish soup and declined according to various recipes, based on the location in which it is prepared. Other dishes are cooked with shellfish, blue fish and shellfish. An ancient recipe and yummy is that of the scapece: fried fish preserved in a marinade of wine and vinegar, after being seasoned with plenty of saffron of Navelli.