Abruzzo is considered the “Green Region of Italy” thanks to three national parks (national Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, national Park of the Maiella mountain and the national Park of Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains). Also on site is the Regional Natural Park of Sirente-Velino, the protected marine region of Torre di Cerrano and 38 zones under state protection, which made up 36.3% of the territory, the largest percentage in Europe. Every year thousands of tourists spend their time in this region, which is famous for its unspoiled nature and beautiful flora and fauna. Its territory extends along the Apennine mountains, fertile hills and 130 km of the Adriatic coast. On the North side of the mountain of Gran Sasso mountain is the southernmost glacier in Europe. From an economic point of view, the Abruzzo region is considered the richest region of southern Italy. According to statistics it is the third region in Italy for the lowest mortality due to cancer diseases and the fifth best income distribution. Also on site is the greatest number of the most beautiful villages of Italy. The natural wealth of this area allows parallel development of both mountain and sea tourism. It is impossible not to mention the diversity of culinary traditions, originating from the culture of peasants, shepherds and fishermen. It is very important to pay attention to the historical, religious and artistic values of this zone. The region has two airports and four ports.